Support Center

We provide all of the necessary support to not only get your franchise up and running, but also to make sure that the franchise has continued success.

We will be there to assist you with every facet of your center opening including locating your center, design of your space, pre-opening marketing plan, purchasing and inventory set up, training, office systems, installations, schedules and sales calls.

We offer comprehensive and ongoing training which takes place in the classroom and in the field. From products, system installations, and even marketing and sales, we guarantee that you will be prepared for it all. We also provide a toll free Call Center should you have any problems or questions along the way. We promise to go above and beyond your expectations and assist you in any way we can as you take on the exciting challenge of becoming a franchisee.

Our on-going support also includes:

  • Newsletter
  • Meetings
  • Toll-free Phone Line
  • Grand Opening
  • Website Support
  • Field Operations/Evaluations
  • Purchasing Cooperatives

Marketing Programs:

Targeted Market Entry Campaign – We provide creative marketing tools and help you design a comprehensive brand introduction campaign in your chosen market.

  • Marketing Image – MosquitoNix’s professional marketing image and brand makes it easy for our franchisees to attract the customers you want to serve.
  • Marketing Efforts – We continually review and update our marketing manual, materials and approach to ensure we are delivering excellence to maximize the return on your marketing efforts.
  • Start-Up Support – A pre-opening marketing plan is included in our start-up support program.
  • Marketing Support – Co-op Advertising – Ad Slicks – Regional Media – Regional Advertising

Marketing Importance – We are committed to advertising not only locally, but also nationally. While a lot of the marketing and advertising will be the responsibility of the franchisee, a big part of it will be taken care of by MosquitoNix as a whole. Your specific marketing responsibilities will be evaluated in your pre-opening marketing plan.

Sales Support:

Your success and our success are intertwined. Therefore, it is very important to us that we provide you with all of the sales support possible to ensure your sales success.

Because every homeowner represents a potential sale, with the right sales support and training, the opportunities are endless. Through the training process, franchisees learn the principles of design and our proven sales methodology. MosquitoNix provides the essential sales tools for a successful business.