Our Product


Mosquitoes are a problem for everyone. The application of outdoor mosquito misting systems has been used in agricultural environments such as post harvest vegetable processing facilities for more than 25 years throughout the United States. The mosquito problem is no longer simply a nuisance. Today’s homeowner is looking for an effective affordable solution. They want their yards back. MosquitoNix is a proven solution allowing consumers to protect their yard and their investment.

MosquitoNix is a unique company with a serious solution. Since we began business in Dallas, Texas we have been answering the call of these concerned homeowners by providing solutions to their outdoor pest management problems one yard at a time. Offering a proven system, we have installed thousands of systems nationwide since 2003. A recent survey of those customers installed this year revealed a 95% improvement rating over the conditions that prevailed before we installed. Our misting system works! A business opportunity was born!

We are giving qualified individuals the opportunity to join our franchise family and be part of our company’s drive to become the nation’s leader in providing innovative outdoor insect management solutions.

The Right Opportunity at the Right Time
Every now and then an idea comes along that really makes sense. Who among us has not been “eaten alive” by mosquitoes in our own back yard? In some communities people actually avoid using their yards because mosquitoes and other flying pests have taken over. Think of it! A home is, for most people, the largest investment a family makes and they can’t comfortably enjoy the yard! If you can relate to this problem, you’ll quickly understand the reason our company exists and the enormity of the market waiting to be served.