Becoming An Owner

A MosquitoNix franchise is an excellent opportunity for you to build your own business using our experience and proven systems to pave the way. Like any new enterprise, your franchise will require energy, enthusiasm, and commitment. Whether this is your first or tenth, we’ll bet the entrepreneurial rewards you reap will be well worth it.

We are looking for the right franchise partners to help us grow in exclusive territories. It is important that you understand all aspects of our system including what will be expected of you as a MosquitoNix franchisee. Our qualified staff of management and technicians is ready to help you realize your personal expectations as well as your professional goals and objectives. We welcome your interest in our franchising opportunities and look forward to sharing this exciting opportunity with you.

Steps for Success:

Step 1 – Fill out our easy online application. Help us learn more about your goals and investment objectives and assess your personal and financial resources available for the project you are considering.

Please complete and sign the profile then fax it to 972-934-1055.

You can also mail a hard copy to:
MosquitoNix Corporate
2150 Chennault Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006

Step 2 – Read the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular which contains a detailed analysis of the opportunity. It also contains copies of contracts and financial statements, itemized expenses, and initial investment costs. We recommend you share this document with anyone whose counsel you value, such as an attorney and/or certified public accountant. We strongly suggest that you study this document and develop a complete understanding of what will be required of you as a franchisee, and what we at MosquitoNix will provide as the franchisor. During this phase, we will be in contact with you to make sure our goals and objectives are compatible. We encourage your questions.

Step 3 – Complete a business plan.

Step 4 – Plan a trip to our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. We will tour our facilities, meet our staff, and discuss your project in detail. We will also schedule a closing date.

Step 5 – Begin MosquitoNix Franchise Launch!

*While general business experience and marketing skills are helpful for starting out, prior experience is not a requirement for acceptance as a MosquitoNix Franchisee.

*We recommend warehouse/office space between 2000 and 2500 square feet. This allows you to secure all the required tools, hardware, and chemicals you will need and still provide adequate office space for your operation. This facility is to be located within the assigned territory.

*Term of agreement: 5 years, renewable

*Minimum number of employees to run franchised unit: 5

*You can own other franchises as long as we do not deem it competitive with MosquitoNix.