Quick Facts

Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your service center should be open for business within 90 days after signing your franchise agreement. Most franchise locations are operational between 30 and 60 days after the agreement is executed.
A: We will be there to assist you with every facet of your center opening including locating your center, design of your space, pre-opening marketing plan, purchasing and inventory set up, training, office systems, installations, schedules and sales calls.
A: No. Prior experience is not a requirement for acceptance as a MosquitoNix Franchisee.
A: Yes. You may finance up to 50% of the initial franchise fee.
A: The profitability of each center, whether company owned or franchise owned, will vary based on a number of variables. There is no single answer that would be correct for all centers and most importantly for your center. The size, geographic span, and demographic make up of your territory as well as your commitment to marketing and servicing your market, management and many other factors make it impossible to predict the outcome. For these reasons, MosquitoNix does not project sales or profits for new franchise locations. We do however provide you with any information we gather on specific market conditions that may impact your operation.
A: Yes. We recognize that interest may come to us from those who are involved in other franchise concepts across a broad cross section of industries. We feel that experience in operating other businesses, whether franchised or not, can be of benefit to you as a MosquitoNix franchisee. We encourage interest from those involved with other concepts as long as we do not deem it competitive with MosquitoNix.
A: Yes. Our system provides for multiple center ownership, provided certain performance criteria are met.
A: The cost can vary based on a number of variables including the economic conditions of the market, the cost of the advertising, the amount of working capitol you may choose to employ, and the availability of finished lease suitable for our purpose. As a general rule, the start up cost of a MosquitoNix franchise will range from $25,000 – $95,000.